Infrastructure virtualization – Go Virtual, Go Fujitsu

The main driving forces for virtualization today.

CIOs and IT managers are working harder than ever to assure their directors that IT infrastructures can meet business requirements cost-effectively and give their organization a competitive edge in today’s globalized world. Such efforts have put virtualization squarely in the spotlight, and interest in the various concepts and associated technologies is growing exponentially among corporate customers.

Virtualization as part of the Fujitsu Dynamic Data Center concept

Virtualization is an essential layer in the Fujitsu  Dynamic Data Center (DDC).  DDC is a concept for a next-generation hardware and software architecture focusing on end-user services and service levels.  This combination makes on-demand computing a reality.

DDC uses virtualization, automation and integration technologies to move companies on to a service-oriented architecture in which computers and database resources can be assigned to applications dynamically. This yields increased flexibility and reliability as well as a considerable improvement in the cost-effectiveness of the IT infrastructure.

Virtualization of resources means that IT systems are pooled and shared for best usage. Automation ensures that IT resources are automatically allocated to services, while all of the building blocks are seamlessly integrated.

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