Complement VMware data center virtualization with nondisruptive, scalable, enterprise-grade NetApp flash storage solutions.


An efficient data center based on VMware® virtualization can boost your IT efficiency, maximize your IT investments, and provide a competitive advantage. The NetApp® flash portfolio complements VMware technology by providing a simplified data management platform integrated with vSphere™ and other VMware solutions.

Turn your virtualized data center into a pool of server, network, and storage resources. Deploy as software-defined storage on commodity servers.  Manage, monitor, and provision storage in your vSphere environments through the vCenter server console using NetApp plug-ins.

NetApp removes the complexity of managing data center storage systems by automating many of the storage-related tasks. Virtual Infrastructure administrators can orchestrate the environment as a software-defined data center.

NetApp data management for vSphere environments delivers:

  • Instantaneous backup and recovery
  • Automation of labor-intensive data management tasks
  • The ability to provision storage as fast as VMs
  • Data deduplication across primary, backup, DR, and archival storage
  • Inline data compaction technologies to improve economics
  • Predictable, scale-out storage performance for each virtual machine

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