Free Up Your Workspace With Space Saving Thin Clients from FUJITSU

Fujitsu Introduces First Thin Clients with Power over Ethernet.

Fujitsu introduces the new FUTRO S700 and FUTRO S900 thin clients, the first Fujitsu thin clients to use innovative and eco-friendly Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Despite drawing only a trickle of power over Ethernet networks, the FUTRO S700 and FUTRO S900 are among the most powerful thin clients available today, boasting up to six times enhanced performance over previous models.

As straightforward as using a traditional desktop PC, and offering the same end-user experience, thin clients are cheaper, easier to manage and more reliable, since they contain no moving parts. The units provide a front-end interface while most of the computing is done on a back-end server. Since thin clients can be administered from the server level, software updates are simplified, accelerating the deployment of new desktop images.

Fujitsu is taking Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology adopting it for use with its thin client range. Offering both Power and Ethernet via a single cable for increased flexibility and connectivity, PoE technology requires very low power consumption, benefiting both the environment and companies’ bottom lines. Thin clients can also be connected to a traditional electrical outlet if preferred.

The new Fujitsu FUTRO models also provide added flexibility and convenience. Up to four displays can be connected to the FUTRO S900 thanks to an additional graphics card, making it ideal for environments where operators need multiple screens. System performance is enhanced with two memory slots for increased local performance, while both models feature integrated WLAN for improved connectivity.

The thin clients are even able to provide the processing capabilities to cope with rendering and performance-intensive 3D modeling: as the Fujitsu models are among the first to introduce support for DirectX11 graphics technology.

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