Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Azure

Fujitsu today announces new options for organizations to harmonize workloads between the cloud and on-premises. The new PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack provides a unique solution for enterprises that want to take full advantage of the public cloud but need to keep some mission-critical IT under their own roof due to data sovereignty, compliance or connectivity requirements.

The Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack unlocks the agility, cost control and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing even when selected workloads remain on-premises. The provision of Azure-consistent services and features across both cloud and on-premises enables the creation of advanced hybrid solutions that balance both on-premises and cloud in seamless harmony.

In a major step towards harmonizing cloud and on-premises workloads, the newest addition to the Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX integrated systems line-up offers cloud-like economics for on-premises systems, with flexible licensing options including consumption-based and capacity-based models. The introduction of PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack also underlines the new global systems integrator partnership agreement between Fujitsu and Microsoft, which enables organizations to seamlessly take the next step in their digital transformation, providing the ability to shift mission critical workloads to a cloud-based delivery model.

In addition to fast deployment and standard 24/7 support, PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack is backed by Fujitsu’s consistent one-stop services to provide hybrid IT estates that have become reality for many enterprises today. As a result, organizations can run infrastructures with maximum agility and efficiency and speed up the development of new applications. Optionally, infrastructure operations can be outsourced to Fujitsu via a managed services or hosting agreement.

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack brings the cloud back home
The solution is fully tested and delivered on a high-performance and energy-efficient PRIMERGY server platform for Microsoft Hyper-V cluster environments, and delivers powerful virtualization performance and economical, energy-efficient operation. Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) simplifies the management of the infrastructure, providing the functionality needed for fail-safe, flexible and automated operation.

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack combines on-premises private cloud with state-of-the-art consumption-based licensing models, allowing harmonized consumption of services. Features include monthly usage-based billing options, allowing Azure services to be integrated into existing license agreements. Fujitsu can also help customers design licensing solutions in line with budget requirements. Optional backup for on-premises data is available, using an integrated Fujitsu ETERNUS CS appliance, and Azure can be integrated with other cloud solutions into one consistent, multi-cloud environment via the Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager (ESCM).

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