Introducing Lifesize Go: Free, Fast and Flexible Video Conferencing for All

Introducing Lifesize Go: Free, Fast and Flexible Video Conferencing for All
Jun 12, 2019 by Craig Malloy in Lifesize, Products

We’ve come a long way in the video conferencing industry. And yet, there are times when connecting through video still isn’t as easy as it should be. Increasingly, business users expect their workplace tools to be just as simple and intuitive as those they use in their personal lives. However, in many cases, the user experience for enterprise technologies lags behind.

Collaboration is stunted when it takes more than a brief minute to invite people to a video call. Productivity is lost when joining a meeting on a mobile device isn’t possible. The value of video communication is undermined when it doesn’t work the first time, every time.

For these reasons and more, today we’re delighted to announce Lifesize Go.

Lifesize Go meeting video conferencing

What Is Lifesize Go?

With Lifesize Go, it has never been easier to collaborate one to one or with small groups. It’s a mobile-first experience designed to make video collaboration effortless, both for prescheduled and on-the-fly meetings, on any device, all for free.

Unlike alternative services, we designed Lifesize Go around three key tenets:

Totally Free Video Conferencing, No Strings Attached

We firmly believe that there should be an option in the market that allows people to connect with one another via video without paying and without being held back by overbearing stipulations.

If you look at other free video communication services, some cap your calls at 40 minutes. With Lifesize Go, meet as long as you want with up to eight participants. Other services only let you host a certain number of meetings before incurring charges. With Lifesize Go, host as many meetings as you need to. While there will be other advanced features, functionality and service tiers that will be paid down the line, Lifesize Go itself will remain free.

A No Fuss, Fast Meeting Experience

Today, coordinating a video call is an awkward social proposition, often requiring advanced coordination, downloads and follow-up to ensure participants successfully navigate a number of technical hurdles to join. Lifesize Go provides an easier path to meeting without the complexity.

To start a Lifesize Go meeting, simply initiate the call from your browser, copy the meeting URL and share with invitees by email, SMS text message or chat. That’s it. No downloads necessary.

By streamlining the hosting and joining experience, eight participants can be together on a video call in a few seconds. Instead of spending the first five minutes of a meeting struggling to get everyone successfully connected, you can now repurpose that time productively. Simply put, Lifesize Go lets you get down to business.

A Flexible Solution for Every Person and Every Device

We built Lifesize Go to work on every operating system and most popular browsers. It works great on Chrome and Safari. It works great on mobile devices and desktops. And it works great on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. The point is, Lifesize Go just works.

It’s flexible enough for mobile meetings on the go while still offering stunning high definition worthy of any mission-critical meeting with clients or partners. And importantly, it’s still built on top of open standards, our enterprise-grade cloud network and trusted secure architecture, including end-to-end encryption by default. That’s not true of services (free or otherwise) from some of our competitors.

We’re betting that Lifesize Go will be a fresh and powerful way for teams, whether at large enterprises or composed of small business owners and freelancers, to connect and collaborate. You might be in construction and design, education or technology — business still needs free, fast and flexible video conferencing.

I invite you to try out Lifesize Go today by visiting

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