NetApp AFF C190 All-Flash Storage Array

NetApp today unveiled its new All Flash FAS C190 short AFF C190. The target group is customers who want to modernize their IT infrastructure with All Flash technology at an affordable price.

 NetApp AFF C190 Review

NetApp states that the system will have the same price per GB as traditional systems with 10K SAS HDDs. However, with the advantage of an All Flash Array in terms of speed.

The system settles in the performance category below the already known and proven AFF A220.

NetApp AFF C190 storage chart

Full Data Fabric Integration

In terms of functionality, the customer does not have to make any difference to the conventional systems. The AFF C190 is based on the chassis of the AFF A220 and, like the other FAS/AFF machines, has the ONTAP operating system. The AFF C190 comes with the new ONTAP 9.6 and Flash bundle licensing.

NetApp AFF C190 Specifications

NetApp AFF C190 Specifications

NetApp AFF C190 Documents

NetApp AFF C190 Product Page

NetApp AFF C190 Benefits and Features Document

NetApp AFF C190 3D  View

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