Servers are key to prevent security breaches and data theft

Servers are key to prevent security

Data breaches have become larger in number and impact

Have you ever had to deal with data security breaches and done a search for this topic online or on social media? The extent to which such breaches have increased in recent years is staggering, as is the high cost of a breach to a company.

According to the Data Breach Statistics, 6,270,822 data records are lost or stolen every day and on average, each record costs $148.

Data breaches have gained attention as organizations of all sizes rely increasingly on digitally gathered data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and employee mobility.

Digital transformation is sweeping through every sector, helping to create more efficient ways of working and to gain insights from mountains of data; there is an increasing army of connected things and sensors that deliver constant, real-time information. But this new level of networking also creates new security challenges.

Data is everywhere, and as companies increasingly join wider ecosystems and forge direct links to the world around them, they also open up potential new security vulnerabilities. Today’s data breaches can affect hundreds of thousands, even millions, of individual consumers and records, all from a single attack on one company.

Security has never been more vital

Considering appropriate security precautions and mitigating risks right from the start is essential. It is no longer a question of “if” a business will be hacked in some way, but “when” and “how”.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), cyber-attacks and data breaches are among the top 10 most serious risks facing the world. Moreover, the WEF2019 global risk report estimates that cyber attacks will do more damage (from an insurance perspective) than man-made environmental disasters and infectious diseases.

The Breach Live Index, which tracks publicly disclosed breaches, shows that nearly 15 billion data records have been stolen since 2013, with only four percent of these protected by encryption to render the stolen data useless.

No security without server security

Companies can have great protection, but the reality is that hackers can attack from different locations. Many attacks even come from within the firewall, so it is inevitable that organizations will have to deal with a cyber attack at some point.

Especially in recent years, the frequency of attacks on IT systems has changed dramatically, and the data-holding backend servers and storage systems are increasingly becoming a target for various types of attacks.

Thus the previous approach of only protecting endpoints of applications, operating systems and hypervisors no longer meets today’s requirements.

Today, it is essential to build a chain of trust, starting with the hardware, including development processes, supply chain, and manufacturing. Consequently, the security of infrastructure beyond the client computing devices, especially the server systems, is as important as that of the applications and networks.

PRIMERGY – Protect your company with secure servers

Fujitsu has a long history of providing best-in-class security for PRIMERGY servers, and will help to guard you against cybersecurity threats. As already mentioned, security is not an afterthought but should be an integral part of a system which has to be considered systematically even at the development stage for products, solutions, and services.

And that’s exactly what we do. Security must start at the beginning of a server’s life and end after disposal and not before. It is a permanent process.

This begins with the selection of our partners. Before becoming a Fujitsu supplier, each supplier must prove that they are trustworthy and have stable quality processes. We operate a stringent assessment process to prove that they can meet the Fujitsu standards, which we verify through regular audits.

PRIMERGY servers themselves are designed to last a long time and we are committed to providing security updates and patches for all our components for at least five years.

Furthermore, our PRIMERGY servers include a range of features to protect against, detect and recover from security breaches. Some important functions included are: UEFI Secure Boot, TPM 2.0, signed firmware updates, agent-free device management, secure authorization and authentication, alerting and logging, secure Out of Band Management with iRMC S5, and many more.

An overview of all available functionalities within the PRIMERGY servers can be found in this whitepaper.


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