Colortrac is a pioneer of large format color scanning and the leading innovator in affordable color and monochrome wide format scanning technology.

Our latest invention – SingleSensor – is a major step forward in large format image capture.

SingleSensor combines the best features of CCD and staggered CIS scanner design in a single-line sensor array, that requires virtually no routine maintenance by users, and provides exceptional color and dimensional accuracy, at high definition resolution and ultra fast scan speeds.

Colortrac’s SingleSensor is at the heart of our latest generation SmartLF SC large format scanners, that deliver excellent value for money and return on investment for businesses engaged in digital color image capture for large format copying and wide format scanning applications in the graphic arts, construction, engineering, GIS, mapping and many other large format scanner applications.

For customers who require high fidelity image reproduction and capability to scan documents mounted on boards, our award winning SmartLF Gx+ wide format CCD scanners offer solutions at 42″ and 56″ scan image widths for maximum flexibility and productivity.

The success of Colortrac’s SmartLF wide format scanners is recognised by winning two Queen’s Awards; the first in 1999, when Colortrac was one of just 80 UK companies that won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export Achievement and, most recently, in 2012 in the category International Trade.

Colortrac provides high quality wide format scanners and large format copy solutions for digital color and monochrome applications for customers engaged in:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Corporate In-house Services
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Electronic Document Capture (EDC)
  • Engineering (CAD / CAM / CAE)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Graphic and Fine Arts Reproduction
  • Reprographics

The company was founded in 1989 to develop digital large format scanning solutions for the Oil exploration industry. Ten years later, in the third quarter of 1999, Colortrac acquired US based ANAtech and Tangent Imaging Systems. The consolidated enterprise benefits from a detailed knowledge base of first-class, patented, wide format scanning technology developed since the early 1980′s. The acquisitions significantly strengthened Colortrac capabilities in 2D adaptive thresholding for monochrome images and in closed-loop color calibration technology for large format scan-to-copy and scan-to-print applications. Colortrac continues to focus on product innovation in its mission to expand the market for wide format scanning and large format image processing applications.

The company HQ is located near Cambridge in the UK, a globally recognized centre of excellence for science and computer technology, and has sales and support offices in Beijing China, Yokohama Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico City and Chantilly, VA, USA.

The successful launch of the SmartLF 4080 range of large format scanners in September 2004 established Colortrac as the market leader for entry-level CIS scanning technology. In December 2005 Colortrac announced their expansion with the formation of a new Chinese subsidiary, Colortrac Imaging Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. The new company sources components and produces electro-mechanical assemblies for export to the UK where they are combined with UK-manufactured electronics and software to produce finished scanners for sale world-wide.

Colortrac Suzhou is a key element of our growth strategy as we seek to expand manufacturing capacity for the tremendously successful SmartLF large format scanner line. Colortrac Imaging Systems enables Colortrac to fully control all its manufacturing activities, reduces production costs and ensures product quality for our customers.

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