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Servers, storage and other IT components are constantly becoming more efficient and at the same time more compact in their construction, and therefore require less space.

Knürr has long been committed with high financial and time-consuming expense to the relevant individual solutions that the complexity of computer centres requires. Essential here is the awareness that this is not achieved just by developing and producing proven-in practice racks, but rather by focussing on the integrated view in providing solutions. The IT infrastructure is supported by five pillars: Racks, thermal management, power supply, mechanical security and monitoring of all parameters. The answer provided by Knürr’s dedicated engineers and industry experts features a diversity of solutions that manage the individual dissipated heat loads in their scalability of up to 35 kW per server rack – supported by innovative, future-proof and investment secured products from the Knürr portfolio.

These are generally intelligent thermal management concepts that function as component parts of an integral infrastructure concept. Knürr specialists are oriented in this respect towards the objective of providing availability with protection of investment, flexibility and modular expandability.

Knürr AG are represented in Malta by Merlin Computers Ltd of Mountbatten Street Hamrun. For more details please visit or Contact us.