ELO develops software solutions that support you by digitizing your paper-bound workflows.

ELO helps you to digitally manage corporate information by creating a better infrastructure for safer, faster, effective and economical business processes. ELO enterprise content management technology provides functions for effective management, quick access, and secure control of information over its entire life cycle within the company.

CM/DMS solutions need to be tailored to the size and requirements of each organization. For these reasons, at ELO we have developed the following solutions that meet the needs of companies of all sizes:

In other words, we have just the right solution for you whether you’re a small business with relatively few employees, a medium-sized business with several hundred employees, or a multinational corporation with thousands of staff members.

ElO Digital Office are represented in Malta by Merlin Computers Ltd of Mountbatten Street Hamrun. For more details please visit www2.elo.com or email us on sales@merlin.com.mt