A few words about energy efficiency

In recent years, technology advances have significantly decreased energy consumption and the carbon footprint of many electronic products – a timely achievement given the growing concerns about the environment and irreparable climate change.

Why should businesses care about energy efficiency?

Governments around the world are setting targets to meet stringent global objectives to reduce power consumption. It is therefore only a matter of time before businesses will be subject to regulation.

Furthermore, operational costs can be reduced by selecting low energy consuming products, many of which are smaller, quieter, and more efficient than ever before. In addition, the carbon footprint can be reduced, meeting corporate social responsibility goals and providing a clearer social conscience for employees

Manufacturers are therefore encouraged to consider designing products with the environment in mind throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Fujitsu – a leader in energy efficient products

Having gone through the development and execution of its own environmental strategy, Fujitsu is now able to deliver a range of consultancy services to its customers – both in the areas of policy development and green purchasing. For example, the company can advise customers on how to meet their green targets through the selection of products that incorporate more efficient cooling components and other power-savings features.

Fujitsu Zero Watt technology is now available as an option on most desktop workstations

Fujitsu’s patented 0-Watt technology enables so-called standby losses to be eliminated completely. In other words, 0-Watt PCs can be switched off in such a way that they consume no power (zero Watts) in the off or hibernation modes. This is in contrast to standard PCs and monitors which, when connected to the mains, typically use between 1 and 5 Watts of power even when switched off or in hibernation. Also the displays of the Fujitsu P Line feature 0-Watt Technology when the PC signalizes off-mode, a switching display element cuts the monitor completely from the power line (when connected via DVI or VGA).

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