Renting your IT equipment and infrastructure in Malta – for greater flexibility and peace of mind

The Merlin Group has been in the renting business in Malta for over 40 years.  We understand the advantages of renting  and can transfer this knowledge to our customers in respect of IT infrastructure, equipment, application software as well as initial services.

There are many reasons to choose IT financing over cash purchase and ownership, especially in difficult economic times. Renting your IT requirements  from Merlin can accelerate the acquisition of mission-critical IT in times when flexibility, transparency, and affordability are written big.  We can transition fixed costs into variable costs, thereby allowing you to conserve your capital.  Merlin offers a complete portfolio of financial solutions enabling the planning, transitioning, acquiring, managing, and retiring of your dynamic IT infrastructure.  We cooperate with select leading global IT financing partners to offer custom solutions based on customer requirements.   An ever greater number of enterprises are opting to rent the latest and best IT equipment:  from telecommunications systems, to servers, to notebooks, to software and to services.

What advantages does renting offer your company ?

When you purchase IT equipment outright, it has a typical depreciation period of five years. Renting removes the effective tax-related life cycle, allowing you to keep your technology fresh. By allowing you to introduce new systems at an earlier stage, renting makes you more responsive to ever-changing market imperatives. This translates into far greater flexibility, not only in terms of technology but more importantly in terms of your finances.

What’s more, if you rent, you avoid tying up valuable capital. This is especially important for companies that need to maintain relatively high liquidity. Whereas previously you may have felt forced to continue to use the equipment for longer than really desirable, when you rent you are no longer tied to lengthy depreciation periods.

Another major advantage is that renting is as good as cash when it comes to discounts, such as for early payment. This is why many companies choose to rent even when there are no tax advantages, as it enables them to negotiate with suppliers as though they are paying cash.

We offer IT Equipment, software and IT services rental based on for 2,3,4 or 5 years depending on the type of equipment required.


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