IT Support Outsourcing

The world of IT is continuously changing and once IT investments take place, business become more efficient and effective.

Investing in IT is not enough and unless businesses utilize their resources to their maximum, they will not be making the best use out of their investments.  Whilst you focus on your core business, we can take care of your IT investments and ensure they are utiluised to their maximum. Through our team of software and hardware engineers forming part of the Corporate Solutions and Support department we can offer offer a variety of options to manage your IT system.  We make “corporate-standard” proactive IT support affordable and accessible to small-to-medium sized businesses

If you

  • Have 5 to 50 computers, and network efficiency, uptime and security are a priority.
  • Are plagued by persistent network problems; viruses, slow performance, downtime.
  • Are frustrated by IT guys who arrive late, take hours, but still don’t fix the problem.
  • Want to minimize the hidden cost of lost productivity due to system downtime.
  • Appreciate the certainty of capped IT support costs.
  • Prefer to deal with a single provider who can take care of ALL your IT needs

Outsourced IT management is the solution for you.  Its a cost-effective alternative to the expensive and time-consuming “break/fix” approach to IT support.

We monitor your system, visit your site on a scheduled basis, identify pain points and vulnerabilities, and work proactively to rectify potential issues before they deteriorate into downtime. All for a fixed monthly fee and within contracted response times. It’s like having your own in-house IT department without the overheads and management hassles of hiring IT Staff.

To find out how we can make your IT system more productive, secure an profitable, l email us on solutions@merlin.com.mt