Merlin Computers Ltd – Conditions Of Warranty and Sale

Terms & Conditions. (Please Read Carefully)

  • All items sold by Merlin Computers Ltd (The Company) are covered with a 2 Year, back to base Parts Manufacturer’s Warranty. (Unless/otherwise stated).
  • TFT Monitors are covered with a 2 Year, return to base Parts Manufacturer’s Warranty unless otherwise stated. (up to 3 dead or bright pixels anywhere on the LCD panel are not covered by warranty.)
  • All Warranties will be valid only on presentation of Proof of Purchase being Invoice/Cash Sale with original packing, manuals, software and any other item included in the original packaging.
  • Warranty becomes invalid in one or more of the following conditions:Warranty covers only hardware components. Software, software maintenance, support and upgrades are not covered by any part of this warranty.
    • Improper Installation.
    • Abnormal environment such as insufficient ventilation, fouling up, flooding, fire, thunderstorm, impact, earthquake, theft and similar conditions.
    • Operating conditions not observed and/or incorrect installation.
    • Damage caused through misuse, negligence, power surges or fluctuations or other devices attached to the system.
    • Service or repair being carried out by anybody other then a service engineer authorized in writing by Merlin Computers Ltd.
    • Any unauthorized modifications both internal and external performed on the equipment.
  • Batteries and any consumables are not covered by warranty unless otherwise stated in the product datasheet.
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear & tear.
  • Merlin Computers Ltd. or its suppliers shall not be held responsible or guarantee compatibility with other parts or peripherals.
  • Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not give right to extension or a new start of the warranty period.
  • Any replacement product may be either new or like new, provided that it has functionality at least equal to the product being
  • replaced.
  • Goods are not sold on a trail basis.
  • Goods may be supplied in cosmetically different packing.
  • This warranty does not limit or affect any of your legal statutory rights.
  • All trademarks & logos acknowledged.

All goods remain of Merlin Computers Ltd. Until paid in full.
Payment terms are cash on delivery/collection unless agreed to in writing
Merlin Computers Ltd reserves the right to charge interest at the highest rate allowed by law on any overdue invoices.


The customer is responsible for abiding to daily data security procedures in an adequate manner in order to ensure an efficient restoration of data in case of a loss. The company shall not be liable for the loss of any data or information or for the restoration of data.

The company will, subject to the provisions of these conditions undertake its responsibility promptly and with diligence and endeavors to put the equipment into full operation as speedily as possible. However, in no event will the company, its suppliers or its personnel be held liable for any loss of use, of data or of profits or of any special, direct or indirect or consequential damages even if advised of such damages.


All safety and operating instructions supplied with a product should be carefully read and followed.


Always place equipment on a hard flat surface with adequate ventilation. Equipment may fall causing injuring to a person and serious damage to the product.

Power Sources

All products are designed only for a grounded 200v to 240v electrical outlet. Any use outside of this range shall be at your own risk. Make sure to use the appropriate supply bundled with the product. Do not operate a product with a different power supply.

Opening a product or removing covers may expose you to dangerous hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

Cleaning and moving

Always unplug all power supply adapter from all outlets before cleaning. Use only dry cloth for cleaning. WARNING: Potential shock hazard. Do not expose electronic products to rain or any type of moisture.




Merlin Computers Ltd – Conditions of Warranty and Sale –V1.0